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Top 10 interesting board games under $50

Game nights are a fantastic way to gather friends and family for some quality time and friendly competition. Board games provide endless hours of entertainment and foster camaraderie among players. However, finding the perfect board game within a budget can be challenging. Fear not! In this article, we present to you the top 10 board games under $50, ensuring you have a memorable game night without breaking the bank. Let’s dive in and discover these exciting and affordable games!

What are the board games?

Board games are tabletop games that involve counters, pieces, or markers placed on a pre-marked surface or “board.” These games often require players to make strategic decisions, solve puzzles, or engage in competition with one another. The board provides a defined space where players can move their pieces and interact with the game’s mechanics and rules.

Board games come in a wide variety of themes, genres, and complexities. They can be based on historical events, fantasy worlds, mysteries, or even abstract concepts. Some board games focus on resource management, while others emphasize strategy, negotiation, or storytelling. The objective of a board game can vary from achieving a specific goal, accumulating points, or outwitting opponents.

Board games offer a social and interactive experience, bringing people together for face-to-face gameplay. They encourage communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Many board games also promote teamwork, cooperation, and healthy competition.

Traditionally, board games were played using physical components like boards, cards, dice, and tokens. However, with advancements in technology, digital versions of board games have become popular, allowing players to enjoy the experience online or through mobile applications.

Whether it’s a classic like Monopoly or a modern gem like Ticket to Ride, board games continue to entertain and engage players of all ages and backgrounds. They provide a welcome break from screens and offer a tangible and immersive form of entertainment that fosters social connections and memorable experiences.

Top 10 board games under $50

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a popular board game designed by Klaus Teuber. It has become a modern classic and is widely regarded as one of the most influential and successful board games of all time. The game was first published in 1995 and has since gained a dedicated fan base and numerous expansions.

In Settlers of Catan, players take on the roles of settlers who are attempting to build and develop their colonies on the fictional island of Catan. The game board is modular, consisting of hexagonal tiles that represent different types of terrain, such as fields, forests, hills, mountains, and pastures. Each terrain type produces specific resources, including brick, wood, grain, sheep, and ore.

The goal of the game is to accumulate victory points, which are earned by building settlements, cities, and roads, as well as achieving certain development cards and other objectives. The game encourages resource trading and negotiation among players, adding an element of social interaction and strategy.

One of the most unique aspects of Settlers of Catan is its dynamic gameplay. At the beginning of the game, the board is randomly generated by placing the hexagonal tiles, ensuring that each playthrough offers a different layout and resource distribution. This variability contributes to the game’s replayability, as players must adapt their strategies based on the available resources and the actions of their opponents.

Settlers of Catan is known for its accessible rules, which make it easy for beginners to learn and enjoy. The game strikes a balance between luck and strategy, as players rely on dice rolls to determine resource production but must make strategic decisions about where to build settlements, which resources to prioritize, and when to trade with other players.

Due to its immense popularity, Settlers of Catan has received numerous expansions that introduce new gameplay elements, scenarios, and components, further enriching the experience. These expansions allow players to explore new strategies, add complexity, and extend the longevity of the game.

Overall, Settlers of Catan offers an engaging and interactive gaming experience, combining elements of strategy, negotiation, and resource management. It is a fantastic choice for game nights, providing hours of fun and friendly competition. Its average price of around $40 makes it an excellent board game option within a budget.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride, created by Alan R. Moon, is a highly accessible and engaging board game. Players compete to claim train routes across various destinations, aiming to connect cities and fulfill their secret routes. With its simple rules and beautiful illustrations, Ticket to Ride appeals to both novice and seasoned gamers. You can find this delightful game for under $50, making it a perfect addition to your collection.


Carcassonne, designed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, invites players to build the medieval landscape of southern France, one tile at a time. This tile-placement game challenges participants to strategically deploy their followers as knights, thieves, monks, and farmers to earn points. Carcassonne’s intuitive gameplay and charming artwork make it an excellent choice for game nights. And the best part? It typically costs less than $30!

7 Wonders

If you enjoy strategic card-drafting games, 7 Wonders by Antoine Bauza is a must-have. Set in the ancient world, players compete to build one of the seven wonders of the world. With its innovative mechanics and diverse strategies, 7 Wonders offers endless replayability. At around $40, this game is an incredible value for its depth and complexity.


Codenames, a party game created by Vlaada Chvátil, combines word association and deduction. Divided into two teams, players take turns giving one-word clues to guide their teammates in identifying secret agents from a grid of code names. Codenames’ simplicity and high level of interaction make it an instant hit for game nights. You can grab this engaging game for under $20.


Pandemic, designed by Matt Leacock, is a cooperative game where players work together to prevent the spread of deadly diseases across the globe. Each player takes on a unique role, utilizing their abilities to contain outbreaks and find a cure. Pandemic’s cooperative nature fosters teamwork and intense decision-making. With an average price of $35, this thrilling game is a fantastic choice for cooperative enthusiasts.


Splendor, created by Marc André, is a gem-collecting game that blends strategy and resource management. Players act as Renaissance merchants, gathering gems to acquire development cards and attract influential nobles. Splendor’s elegant gameplay and beautiful components make it an ideal choice for both casual and competitive players. This game can usually be found for under $40, providing excellent value for its quality.

King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo, designed by Richard Garfield, brings monster mayhem to your game night. Players take on the roles of giant creatures battling it out for control over Tokyo. This dice-rolling game offers thrilling moments as you crush your opponents, gain power-ups, and decide when to attack or heal. King of Tokyo, priced around $40, guarantees a monstrous gaming experience that everyone will enjoy.


Dominion, created by Donald X. Vaccarino, introduced the deck-building genre to the board game world. Players start with a small deck of cards and gradually build a powerful deck by acquiring new cards from a central pool. Dominion’s strategic depth and endless combinations make it a favorite among enthusiasts. With various expansions available, you can start your Dominion collection for under $50.

Sushi Go!

For a quick and delightful game that appeals to all ages, look no further than Sushi Go! by Phil Walker-Harding. In this fast-paced card-drafting game, players aim to create the best sushi combinations to earn points. With adorable artwork and simple rules, Sushi Go! offers enjoyable gameplay in just a few minutes. And the best part? It typically costs less than $15, making it an affordable choice for any game night.


Board games provide a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from screens, engage with loved ones, and create lasting memories. With the top 10 board games under $50 listed above, you can easily find a game that suits your preferences and budget. Whether you prefer strategic masterpieces like Settlers of Catan and 7 Wonders or lighter fare like Sushi Go! and Codenames, these affordable games ensure an unforgettable game night without breaking the bank. So gather your friends, set up the table, and let the games begin!


  1. Are these board games suitable for players of all ages?
    • Yes, the selection includes board games that cater to a wide range of age groups. From family-friendly games like Sushi Go! to strategic titles like Settlers of Catan, there’s something for everyone.
  2. Can I play these board games with just two players?
    • Most of the listed games can be played with two players, while some may have variants or rules adjustments specifically designed for two-player gameplay. Be sure to check the game’s instructions or recommendations for optimal player count.
  3. Are expansions or additional sets required to enjoy these games fully?
    • No, the list focuses on standalone board games that provide complete and enjoyable experiences without the need for expansions. However, some games like Dominion offer expansions to enhance gameplay once you’ve mastered the base game.
  4. How long does an average game session last?
    • The duration of a game session can vary depending on the specific game and player count. Generally, the listed games offer playtimes ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, ensuring a manageable and engaging experience for game nights.
  5. Can these games be easily learned by beginners?
    • Yes, the selection includes games with straightforward rules and mechanics that are accessible to beginners. They often come with rulebooks that explain the gameplay in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, many of these games have online tutorials and video resources available to help new players get started.
  6. Can these board games be played by individuals who are not native English speakers?
    • Absolutely! While some games may contain minimal text, the majority of the gameplay is language-independent or includes language-neutral components. This allows players from different language backgrounds to enjoy the games without language barriers.
  7. Are these board games suitable for casual game nights or more competitive gameplay?
    • The list includes a mix of board games that cater to both casual and competitive play styles. Games like Codenames and Carcassonne offer light and social experiences, while titles like 7 Wonders and Settlers of Catan provide deeper strategic gameplay for those seeking more competition.
  8. Where can I purchase these board games within the specified budget?
    • You can find these board games at various retail stores specializing in board games, as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon, BoardGameGeek, and local game stores’ websites. Prices may vary, so it’s recommended to compare prices and look for deals to stay within your budget.
  9. Can I mix and match these board games for a game night with multiple options?
    • Absolutely! Mixing and matching board games is a great way to offer variety during a game night. You can rotate between different games or even combine elements from different games to create a unique gaming experience.
  10. Are these board games replayable, or will I quickly get tired of them?
    • The listed board games offer high replayability due to various factors such as randomized setups, multiple strategies, or different player interactions. Their enduring popularity and positive reviews are testament to their ability to provide engaging experiences even after multiple plays.

Remember to have fun, explore different game combinations, and tailor your game night to suit the preferences and interests of your group.

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