Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Things you need to know

Join the fight for treasure and glory in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Read our review to discover the strengths and weaknesses of this new multiplayer heist game.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is an action-packed multiplayer game that puts players in the shoes of a band of medieval outlaws competing against each other to pull off heists in a treacherous world ruled by tyrannical powers. Developed by Sumo Digital and released in May 2021, Hood: Outlaws & Legends offers a unique blend of PvPvE gameplay and stealth mechanics, where players must work together to infiltrate heavily guarded castles, steal treasure, and escape with their loot while fending off other rival teams and AI-controlled guards.

With its engaging gameplay, immersive world-building, and strategic team-based mechanics, Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a must-play for fans of multiplayer games and medieval fantasies.

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Overview of the game

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a multiplayer stealth-action game developed by Sumo Digital and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game was released on May 10, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Hood: Outlaws & Legends is set in a medieval world where players take on the role of a band of outlaws who must steal treasure from an oppressive government and redistribute it to the poor. The game is a unique blend of PVP and PVE elements, with two teams of four players each racing against each other to complete the same heist.

The development of Hood: Outlaws & Legends was announced in August 2020 and has been in development for over two years. Sumo Digital, the developer of the game, is known for developing popular titles such as Crackdown 3, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and LittleBigPlanet 3. Hood: Outlaws & Legends is the studio’s first attempt at a multiplayer game, and the team was determined to create a unique experience that combined elements of stealth, action, and strategy.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is an action-packed game that requires a combination of strategy and skill. Players must work together to overcome obstacles and outsmart their opponents in order to steal the treasure and win the game. The game’s unique blend of PVP and PVE elements makes it a standout in the gaming world, and its medieval setting adds an extra layer of immersion.

Graphics and sound design

Hood: Outlaws & Legends boasts impressive graphics and sound design that complement its medieval setting. The level design is well-crafted, featuring a range of locations that are both visually stunning and unique in terms of gameplay challenges. The game’s character models are also highly detailed and realistic, with each outlaw having their own distinctive appearance and attire that reflects their personality and background.

The sound effects in Hood: Outlaws & Legends are equally impressive, adding to the immersive experience of the game. The weapons and combat sounds are realistic and satisfying, while the environmental sounds add to the tension and atmosphere of the game. The voice acting is also well-done, with the outlaws having unique accents and tones that reflect their respective regions.

The music in Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a highlight of the game, with a sweeping orchestral score that sets the tone for each mission. The music changes dynamically depending on the player’s actions, adding to the immersion and tension of the game. Overall, the graphics and sound design in Hood: Outlaws & Legends are top-notch, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Storyline and characters

The storyline of Hood: Outlaws & Legends is set in a dark, medieval-inspired world where power is everything, and the rich exploit the poor. Players take on the roles of legendary outlaws who are seeking to take back what has been stolen from them by an oppressive government. The game’s world is richly detailed and filled with lore, including various factions and historical figures that players can encounter.

The playable characters in Hood: Outlaws & Legends are diverse, each with their own unique background, motivations, and playstyles. There are four classes to choose from, including the agile and stealthy Robin, the heavy-hitting Little John, the supportive and healing Friar Tuck, and the long-range specialist Marianne. Each character has their own set of skills and abilities, allowing players to customize their playstyle to suit their preferences.

The lore behind the game’s world is also fascinating, with various factions and historical figures adding depth to the game’s story. The game takes place in a world where the Church has taken over the government, and a group of outlaws seeks to take back what has been stolen from them. Players will encounter various factions, including the Sheriff’s forces and the rival gangs of outlaws. The game also features various historical figures, such as King John and Robin Hood, who play a role in the game’s story.

Overall, the storyline and characters of Hood: Outlaws & Legends are well-developed, adding depth and richness to the game’s world. Players will enjoy uncovering the lore behind the game’s factions and historical figures, as well as exploring the motivations of the playable characters.

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Difficulty and replayability

Hood: Outlaws & Legends offers a unique take on co-op multiplayer gameplay, with a focus on stealth, strategy, and teamwork. The game’s difficulty level varies depending on the players’ experience and playstyle, with different character classes and abilities offering a range of options for approaching each match. The game’s progression system allows players to unlock new characters, perks, and cosmetics as they level up, providing a sense of long-term playability and motivation to keep improving.

One of the game’s strengths is its replayability, as each match offers a different challenge and outcome depending on the players’ choices and strategies. The game’s AI Director system adjusts the difficulty and intensity of each match based on the players’ performance, making each game feel unique and dynamic. Additionally, the game’s customizable loadouts and card system allow players to tailor their playstyle and approach to each match, adding to the game’s replay value.

Overall, Hood: Outlaws & Legends offers a satisfying and challenging co-op experience that rewards teamwork, strategy, and stealth. While the game’s difficulty may be a barrier for some players, its potential for long-term playability and replayability make it a worthwhile investment for fans of co-op multiplayer games.

Strengths and weaknesses

Hood: Outlaws & Legends has several strengths and weaknesses that make it stand out among other games in its genre. One of its major strengths is the unique gameplay mechanics that revolve around teamwork and strategy. The game encourages players to work together to complete objectives, and the different playable classes offer a variety of approaches to achieve success. The game’s heist-style missions and focus on PvPvE gameplay also make it stand out from other multiplayer games.

However, the game also has some weaknesses, such as the lack of content and limited customization options. The game’s progression system could also use some improvements to make it more rewarding for players. Additionally, the game’s steep learning curve may deter some players who are not used to the game’s mechanics and require a significant amount of time to become proficient.

Despite its flaws, Hood: Outlaws & Legends offers a unique and immersive multiplayer experience for fans of the genre. Its value for money may depend on the player’s preferences and willingness to invest time into the game. Those who enjoy cooperative gameplay and heist-style missions may find the game to be a worthwhile purchase, while others may prefer to wait for updates and additional content to be released before investing in the game.

Overall, the game’s strengths, such as its unique gameplay mechanics and immersive multiplayer experience, outweigh its weaknesses. Hood: Outlaws & Legends has the potential to be a long-term game that players can enjoy for months or even years to come, depending on how the developers continue to support and improve the game in the future.

Comparison with other games in the same genre

When it comes to the heist and PvP shooter genre, Hood: Outlaws & Legends certainly stands out with its unique blend of stealth, strategy, and teamwork. However, it’s important to compare it with other similar games in the market to fully understand its strengths and weaknesses.

One such game is Payday 2, which is known for its intricate heist missions and customization options. While Hood also offers different heists with varying objectives and a progression system to unlock new gear and perks, its focus is more on PvP gameplay rather than co-op. Hood also lacks the same level of weapon and character customization as Payday 2, which might be a turn-off for some players.

On the other hand, Rainbow Six Siege is a highly competitive and tactical shooter that requires careful planning and communication among teammates. While Hood also emphasizes team strategy and communication, its gameplay is more fast-paced and action-oriented. Hood’s PvPvE mode also offers a unique twist to the genre that sets it apart from Siege’s purely PvP matches.

Overall, Hood: Outlaws & Legends offers a fresh take on the heist and PvP shooter genre, with its focus on strategic gameplay and unique blend of PvE and PvP elements. While it might not have the same level of customization as Payday 2 or the tactical depth of Rainbow Six Siege, it offers its own unique gameplay experience that is definitely worth checking out.

Future content and updates

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a relatively new game, having been released in May 2021, but it has already announced several updates and future content. The first season of the game, called “Season 0,” is currently underway and features new maps, game modes, and cosmetics. The game’s developer, Sumo Digital, has promised to continue supporting the game with additional seasons of content, which will likely include new playable characters, maps, and game modes.

One of the most anticipated updates is the addition of a new game mode called “PvEvP.” This mode will feature AI-controlled enemies, similar to the game’s current PvE mode, but with the added challenge of competing against other teams of players to complete objectives and steal treasures. This mode is expected to provide a new level of challenge and excitement to the game, as well as a fresh experience for players who have already exhausted the current game modes.

Other future content includes new maps, which will expand the game’s world and provide new environments for players to explore and battle in. Additionally, new cosmetics, including outfits and weapon skins, are expected to be added to the game’s store, allowing players to customize their characters even further.

Overall, the addition of new content and updates to Hood: Outlaws & Legends is likely to improve the game’s longevity and replayability, as well as keep players engaged and excited about the game’s future.

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Final Words

Hood: Outlaws & Legends offers a unique and immersive multiplayer experience set in a medieval world of outlaws and heists. With its intense PvPvE gameplay, diverse character classes, and strategic approach to teamwork, the game provides endless hours of fun for players looking for a challenge.

Despite its flaws in terms of repetitive missions and limited customization options, Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a solid addition to the co-op stealth genre, and its potential for future updates and improvements makes it a game worth keeping an eye on. Whether you’re a fan of heist games or looking for a new co-op adventure, Hood: Outlaws & Legends is definitely worth checking out.

What is Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a multiplayer action game that combines elements of stealth, strategy, and combat. Players team up with other players to take on heists and raids in a medieval setting.

What platforms is Hood: Outlaws & Legends available on?

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Can I play Hood: Outlaws & Legends solo?

While the game is designed for multiplayer, it is possible to play solo with AI companions. However, playing with other human players is recommended for the best experience.

What is the gameplay like in Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Gameplay in Hood: Outlaws & Legends is focused on team-based heists and raids, where players must work together to overcome obstacles and complete objectives. The game offers a variety of playable characters with unique abilities, and players must use stealth, combat, and strategy to succeed.

Is there any DLC or future content planned for Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Yes, the developers have announced plans to release new content, including additional playable characters and game modes. Details on the DLC have not been revealed yet, but they are expected to be announced in the coming months.

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